Mushroom Forest Floor - 5x7 Wood Print

$ 25.00

Beneath the tall towering mushrooms, a little cottage hides among the grass. Perhaps Alice will soon stop by on another trip to Wonderland.

This new sleek design has been cut from a piece of cherry wood and fits perfectly in any open back 5x7 frame. When put in a thicker shadowbox frame this piece can cast a beautiful silhouetted shadow onto your wall.

Size: 5x7in
Material: Cherry Wood
Thickness: .25in (5mm)

This piece comes unframed but will fit into any standard 5x7 frame (looks amazing without the glass). Or of course you can hang directly on the wall with two tiny finishing nails in each corner.

This is the third in an expanding series of affordable art pieces that will be growing over the summer months! I can't wait to share more with you!

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