Serif Typography Wall Art 5x7

$ 30.00

Are you a Typophile? Do you know someone who is?

Well if Sand, ComicSans, and Papyrus drive you mad too, these classic typefaces will look perfect on your wall.

Set in Times, Garamond, Copperplate and Bodoni. This wall hanging has been cut from a light-weight Walnut laminated MDF.

This graphic designers dream measures in at 7 x 5 inches and 1/4" thick. This little guy is the mini version of our original large design and comes in a good looking sans serif version as well.

Size: 5x7in
Material: Walnut wood
Thickness: .25in (5mm)

This piece comes unframed but will fit into any standard 5x7 frame (looks amazing without the glass). Or of course you can hang directly on the wall with two tiny finishing nails in each corner.

The perfect gift for font lover in your life, or maybe even your office!

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